Who knew? Quilt patterns are fashion-able

Kaleidoscope quilt pattern woven or printed onto skirt fabric

Kaleidoscope quilt pattern woven or printed onto skirt fabric

In early November I attended a conference in Boston and noticed a woman wearing a skirt with a log cabin pattern print in white, black and gold. Not wanting to creep her out, I refrained from snapping a picture of her with my phone.

But later in the day when I saw someone wearing this kaleidoscope-patterned skirt (right), I had to snap away. Clearly I’m not meant to be a private eye, as I struggled for quite some time to discreetly take the picture.

And who would believe that just 3 weeks later, at a conference in Ottawa (Canada), I spotted a woman wearing this cathedral window skirt (below)? By now I was feeling rather brave and actually took three pictures, hoping to get a better picture than I shot in Boston.

Cathedral WIndow quilt patterned fabric

Cathedral Window patterned fabric

Notice that both skirts are white and navy. A trend, perhaps?

Of course, now I’m kicking myself for not having snapped the original log cabin skirt. So if your skirt looks anything like a quilt pattern, please don’t be surprised if someone whips out their phone and starts taking pictures. It just might be my new hobby.