My name is Suzanna and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. Although I have a long history of knitting (learned in grade school) and quilting (took my first class in 1982), I haven’t evolved into being a designer or innovator in either of these arts. I am marginally creative. The “marginal” part explains why I often follow patterns, and the “creative” part is what I do with colour and fabric.

Although my husband and I have been true empty nesters for the past several years, my quilting production fluctuates like crazy. I started this blog when my productivity was high, to act as both my electronic journal and a way to reach out to others.

I’d really like to move into mixed media with fabric, fibres, and paint, and at the moment I just lurk in those circles. Maybe one day I’ll have something in that vein to include here.

I hope you find value in what I post.