DragonfliesIn the end, the little cut in the border saved this quilt.  You may recall that everything seemed to go wrong with the disappearing 9-patch baby quilt, including a small cut in a border that I identified only after the quilt was quilted. Stitching up the tear secured things and wasn’t all that noticeable, but I didn’t want to gift a damaged quilt.

Using a patch or appliqué to cover a hole in a garment or quilt is an age-old solution, and you know why? Because it works!

As it turns out, I had die-cut dragonfly appliqués in my stash that I’d picked up on a whim several years ago from the guild’s shop of the month.  I used the larger ones because the smaller ones lacked presence, even when a number of them were used together. Since the quilting was already done, my only option was to raw-edge appliqué them in place.

The finished quilt, after laundering.

The finished quilt, after laundering.

The added bursts of colour, and curves in contrast to the straight lines, really bring this quilt to life. As a tribute to these dragonflies, I call the quilt One Plus Three.

The quilt turned out so much better than I dared hope, that I will have to disappoint the generous souls who offered to take it off my hands. Sorry folks.

Detail of dragonfly appliqué

Detail of dragonfly appliqué


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