Is it the Quilt, or its Creator, that’s Cursed?

Can a quilt be cursed? And if it can, is it bad luck to give a cursed quilt to someone as a gift? Such is my dilemma.

I had a free weekend and was desperate to get to my sewing machine. Although I have a decent stash I couldn’t come up with enough compatible fabric to make the quilt I had in mind so I grabbed some charm squares and made a disappearing  9-patch.

12 blocks of a disappearing 9-patch

12 blocks of a disappearing 9-patch

The mostly low-volume fabrics seemed good for a baby quilt, yet to my eye, the edge-to-edge setting was a little overwhelming. My solution was to reduce the number of blocks from 12 to 6, and add borders.

The first try

The first try

What’s wrong with this quilt (above)? Could it be that two-and-a-half-blocks are facing the wrong direction?

This is the same picture as the one above but with the problem areas circled

This is the same picture as the one above, with the problem areas circled

Although I don’t particularly care for this quilt, and therefore didn’t want to invest a lot of time on it, I couldn’t in good conscience gift a quilt with such a glaring error. My stitch ripper became my best friend and I took apart most of the quilt and stitched it back together.

Finished quilt top. Just needs binding.

Finished quilt top. Just needs binding.

As I was sewing the second-last line of quilting in the borders I noticed a little cut, just one thread wide and five threads long, in the turquoise border. I stitched over it crosswise to secure it, and am trying to decide whether to appliqué something to hide the damage.

And then attach the binding. If I have even one more unforeseen problem this may be a dog quilt instead of a baby quilt. That I could gift with tons of errors. Now why didn’t I think of that before?


8 thoughts on “Is it the Quilt, or its Creator, that’s Cursed?

  1. But wait!!!! I really like it!!!! The dark to light arrangement is so nice (but my sensibilities say it’s upside down……the darker “weighs” more, therefore it should be on the bottom!! LOL! It’s a very nice quilt gift!!!!!!! I don’t have a dog, but I’ll take it!!!! LOL LOL!!!

    • Thanks, treadlemusic, I’ll keep your offer in mind 🙂 And I’ll have to turn the quilt upside down to see what I think about the dark sections. In real life the yellow and turquoise are a little more intense, so it’s possible they balance the dark. You’ve got me wondering…

      • Hey!!!! What are “friends” (even new ones) for!!!! LOL!!! Hang around me and you’ll find yourself challenging the status quo at every turn!!!! (but in a fun/not “heavy” way!! LOL!)
        ****And the offer does stand!!! Hehe….****

        • New friends are always welcome. Especially when they have good ideas. I flipped the quilt and really do like it better with the orange block and the weight of the dark squares on the bottom. If I decide to give away the quilt to a recipient other than the new baby, I’ll get back to you.

  2. I think it’s very nice. I’m a beginner in quilting , but I think it’s a good , successful make. Never mind a bit of this and a bit of that. Very nice present.

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