Hat Time!

Although we get cold, snowy, and blustery winters, I don’t wear a hat in winter. They don’t protect my ears well enough and instead I wear earmuffs from September through May(!). But last weekend I was going to be at a football game for 4 hours and I needed the added warmth of a hat. So I decided to make one for the occasion.

Bamboozle yarn by King Cole. Colour - Inferno.

Bamboozle yarn by King Cole

A trip to my yarn stash turned up this cozy Bamboozle yarn by King Cole that I’ve been holding onto for over a year. The colours and textures of the yarn are what drew me to it, however, these heterogeneous qualities forced me to use a simple hat design. And because it had to accommodate earmuffs, it had to be streamlined as well.

Among the thousands of knitted-hat patterns on ravely.com I chose the Half Linen Hat (no direct link available).

The view from above (left) and the side (right).

I used both double pointed needles and a 16″ round needle and made it in my spare time in less than a week. While my interpretation of this hat is neither classic nor tailored, the colours and texture are fun. Unfortunately, I have a sufficiently large head that even after making the hat 1.5″ larger than the pattern’s large size, it is still too small to be worn in comfort. I’m thinking of making it again, even bigger this time.  DD was kind enough to model it.

DD modeling the Half Linen Hat

DD modeling the Half Linen Hat

Katie wearing hat - back



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