A Finished Top: the Triangle Quilt

A few posts back I wrote that it should take two weeks to finish my Indian Blanket quilt top: make the last two rows of triangles and sew the 12 rows together. That was more than two months ago!

Making the last rows didn’t take long, but stitching the top together was another story. The instructions had us trim the right end of each row, then sew the rows together from right to left. Because I didn’t want the quilt to bow (from sewing all of the rows in the same direction), I developed the following strategy: (1) sew the rows into pairs as instructed, (2) align the right edges and machine baste all subsequent sets from right to left, (3) restitch from left to right using a regular-length stitch and, (4) rip out the basting. Lots of stitching and lots of ripping.

A completed top

A completed top

The other thing that slowed me down was fixing the places where the stitching bit into the triangle points. More stitching and ripping!

An unattached row of triangles. The yellow/orange line shows the raw edge of the row and the red line shows where I initially basted my 1/4" seam.

An unattached row of triangles. The green line shows the raw edge of the row and the red line shows where I initially basted my 1/4″ seam.

In the picture above, the red line shows where the initial basting cut off the tip of the far-right triangle. (If you click on the picture a larger version will open in a new window.) So I opened the seam at that spot, realigned the fabrics, and resewed the seam. I must have gone through that process in about four places per row. While four may seem like a big number in this context, and at 4 x 11 seams I guess it was, when you consider that most rows have 20 tips or more counting the points from the north and south strips, I was really pleased that the remaining 16 tips were good in a single pass.

The down side to keeping sharp triangle points is that I undoubtedly ended up with wavy seams. Hopefully the quilt won’t be too wonky once it’s quilted. And that’s the next step.

I’ve pin-basted the quilt sandwich and am now mulling over quilting designs. I have no expectation of finishing the quilting anytime soon, and wonder if the end of March might be achievable. But no promises!


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