Triangle Quilt in Progress

For the months of September and October I took the online Angled class taught by Rachel at Stitched in Color. And while the rest of the group has progressed through 5 quilts, I’m still slogging away on the first.

Auditioning fabrics. The feature fabrics are the prints marked 1 and 2.

Auditioning fabrics. The prints numbered 1 and 2 are the feature fabrics

It’s a quilt called Indian Blanket and it’s been great for making me comfortable with triangles.  Selecting fabrics, on the other hand, looked a lot easier than it actually was.

I started by choosing two feature fabrics from which to pull my palette. After cutting and sewing 7 pairs of fabrics into rows, the quilt wasn’t as harmonious. It seems that while the two key fabrics worked well together, not all of their relatives did. So I moved the rows around. A lot.

Two with Kate spain

The top five rows in these pictures are the same. The next two rows switch out with the bottom two.

This may be why it’s taking me so long to finish the top. Virtually every row can be swapped for another, not to mention flipped up or down (see photo below). And while a row that doesn’t work in one grouping might look really good elsewhere, I felt as if I had run out of elsewheres and couldn’t find a layout I was happy with.

The only difference between the left and right is the orientation of the row with the green and striped fabrics

The only difference between these pictures is the orientation of the row with the green and striped fabrics

Luckily I still have a couple of rows to add and will plan those to ease the transition between some of the discordant rows. I’d like to use all of the rows I’ve already sewed, although one row smacks me in the head every time I look at the layout. The yellow and coral pairing (top and middle two pictures) looks good from a distance, but the yellow fabric has small coral flowers that are just too quaint for the rest of the quilt. I’ll have to see if I can get it to fit in in an organic way or drop it.

I hope to have all of the rows finished by the end of the week, then another week to stitch the rows together. Between my vacation and having been flattened by a cold I figure getting this top done in 2.5 months is an accomplishment. I’ll want to relish that feeling before even thinking about quilting it.


6 thoughts on “Triangle Quilt in Progress

    • I was thinking I might use it on the back, assuming it’ll work with whatever fabric I can find for the back. Otherwise I’ll do something else with it, if only working it into placemats.

  1. I think all of your options look great! The activity (aka a good “busy”) of the triangles seems like it can accommodate a lot of different fabric types. Placemats or a pillow sound like good options if you do decide to drop the row that’s giving you trouble. Or, a round fabric scrap basket could be cool with those triangles – and somewhat funny since you’d have “scrapped” it from the quilt top… I haven’t had coffee in a few days… forgive bad humor! 😉

    • What a wonderful idea, to use the leftover strip to make a round basket! I’m going to add that to my to-do list. (It seems you don’t need coffee to get your brain working.) Thanks, Daisy!

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