A Coccoon For My Tablet

Before we went on vacation, DH dusted off our Blackberry Playbook to bring instead of a laptop. And to protect it on its travels, I sewed a cover using Sew In Harmony’s Tablet Case Tutorial.

Supplies IMG_1590One thing that was really satisfying was having all the supplies other than the black elastic, in the house.

The cover is brilliantly conceived. The construction phase didn’t photograph well because until the cover is just about finished, you can’t tell how it’s shaping up. The cover is machine washable if the cardboard inserts, shown below in their fabric sleeves, are removed.

Boards outside case IMG_2146

The cover is sewn.  Just have to slip the boards into place.

Boards filled IMG_2147

The completed case.

I wanted the back panel to have a small lip to hold onto, so I cut the back piece 1/4″ larger than called for and adjusted the front pieces accordingly.

Playbook in case IMG_2154

The completed case with its new resident.

The finished product worked perfectly as both a protective cover and a stand. In the last picture you can see where I added elastic to the bottom-right corner because the seam allowance ate up most of the corner holder.

Finished front and back

Closed case, front and back.

As a stand IMG_2571

It’s quite rewarding to make something so functional in just a week. It sure motivates me to devote more after-work hours to my sewing room.


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