Can You Have Line of One?

Notebook with Kate Spain cover

Kate Spain notebook

In today’s world of affordable printing technologies you may have noticed that many famous quilters reproduce their fabric designs or quilt images in non-fabric formats. For example, the cover of the notebook at left is a print from Kate Spain’s Terrain fabric line, and Jean Wells is the artist whose quilt is printed on this incredibly useful tote (below). Now you can add my name to the list of quilters who are using images of their work in non-quilty ways.

Tote Bag with Jean Wells' quilt design

My Jean Wells tote bag

Like many others I own a smart phone. [Stay with me. You’ll see the relevance very soon.] Since Butterfingers is almost my middle name, I use a hard case to protect my phone during its many falls to earth. After the last crash the integrity of the case was compromised and I took to the internet looking for a replacement.

There I found an online shop that will put “your photo here”. Did I supply a photo of DD or DH? No. I uploaded a picture of my latest mug rug.

My one-of-a-kind phone case (left) and the original mug rug (right)

My one-of-a-kind phone case (left) and the original mug rug (right)

Now I have my own product line with a print of a Suzanna quilt. It’s pretty cool to be reminded of quilting completely out of the blue each time I dig my phone out of my purse. Which is at least 10 times a day.

solo phone


Mug Rugs, the Quickest Quilts

A friend at work was curious about the mug rug on my desk and I explained how it’s really just a mini placemat that fits a mug and muffin. It’s also a good place for a half-eaten apple when I need both hands to type. “Would you make one for me?” he asked. Well, I didn’t have to be asked twice. The only guideline was that the style should be “low key”.

At the time I had no mug rugs (MR) ready to go, not even a quilted orphan block. So I cut down my Mosaic Tile piece and quilted it. Funny how the two pictures show wonkiness in different places. Must be the camera angle 🙂

Front and back of the Mosaic Tile mug.

Front and back of the Mosaic Tile mug rug.

I was reluctant to deliver just one MR because I didn’t want my colleague to feel he had no choice but to accept it. I wanted to provide options. So I grabbed some fabric and sewed a bunch of half-square triangles. After trying a variety of layouts I decided on this:

Front and back of the Diamond mug rug.

Front and back of the Diamond mug rug.

My friend chose the Mosaic Tile design, figuring it wouldn’t show stains and dirt as much as the other. I guess this means I get to keep the Diamond MR, and so far I haven’t decided whether I’ll use it or just admire it. You see, I like the pattern so much I’m considering doing the same for a real quilt.