A Mug Rug At Last

design wall mosaic IMG_1209After I started building my mosaic tiles blocks  (described here) at the modern guild’s sew-in in January, there was more sewing to do at home.  Rather than unpack, I decided to leave my Bernina in its travel case and sew on my older machine, a Husqvarna. I played with it just a little and measured and remeasured my seams to be sure I was getting 1/4″. Sounds good, right? Who thought to compare this to the finished seam width of the squares made on the Bernina? Not me. (Cue music that foreshadows doom.)

Coloured squares IMG_1175

After stitching the black strips around the batik squares and getting ready to slice them up, I discovered these squares were easily 1/4″ smaller than the batch I made at the sew in. Since I didn’t want to have to fudge the seam allowance on the resulting cuts, and there was no way I was going to unsew the black strips, I decided to repurpose the squares. The squares were intended for a mug rug and a mug rug they shall be.

With the 9-patch alone being too small, I dug into my box of previously stitched pieces and attached the purple and pink section that I rejected from my second Jean Wells intuitive art project.

Mug rug in progess

Not bad, but still not long enough. A bit more batik and the front was done. Some quick quilting and voilà!

Finished mug rug. Approx. 9" x 6"

Finished mug rug. Approx. 9″ x 6″

Clearly, this is not a tidy or accurate little quilt, but so far neither the coffee nor cookies have complained.

Mug & cookies IMG_1198


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