Oh golly, ogee top’s done!

Although this quilt top technically belongs in my next UFO entry, given that this is a current project that  just reached a milestone today I figured I’d give it a post all its own. This is the top I made as a participant in Lesly’s Ogee Quiltalong. If you’d like to read some insights I had during the design process, click here.

Do I love it? No. Do I hate it? Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. What I hated was making it!

Before I started this project I knew that sewing the small curved seams wouldn’t be quick, easy, or fun; but I plugged away and they all got done. What put me over the edge was that the squares composed of the curved pieces almost never finished to full size, let alone square. My fault, I know. (If I’d have sewn the curves more slowly and carefully, maybe they’d have been more accurate; but I wouldn’t bet money on it. )

As a result, stitching the pieced blocks to the unpieced blocks tested both my ability to stretch the squares and the physics of near-invisble seam allowances. I don’t think there are a dozen straight seams with a 1/4″ seam allowance on both blocks. With all the stretching and fudging along the seam allowances this will be the prefect lap quilt as it’ll never have to hang straight 🙂 

To pay tribute to the source of some of the fabrics and the design inspiration of the others, and in recognition of the fudging I did in the construction, I’ve decided to call the quilt Asian Fudge. Originally I thought to call this “Asia threw up on my quilt”, borrowing from a friend who would say that Christmas threw up on lawns that had a surplus of tacky holiday decorations. That’s sort of the feeling I get when looking at this quilt top.

My main regret is that for all the effort I put into this quilt I’m not fond of it, and as a result it’s likely to stay a quilt top unless and until I need a quick gift. Hopefully my next project will be something I’m more proud of. Don’t yet know what that’ll be. I’m taking an Art Quilt class with Elaine Quehl for 6 sessions over 6 months. And in an attempt to be even more artistic and original in my quiltmaking, I’ll soon be starting a drawing and painting class through our city’s recreation department.  Of course, I’ve got tons of quilt patterns and the fabrics to go with them,  so who knows what I’ll do next.


2 thoughts on “Oh golly, ogee top’s done!

  1. wow! I LOVE IT!! if by chance you still are not really fond of this quilt top I will buy it from you if you’d considered. I’ve been sitting here on the couch for quite awhile just staring at it off and on and I am intrigued by it. It would make a great hospital quilt for me as I seem to end up there quite abit. What better to make the days more bearable when stuck in the hospital than to gaze at such a lovely quilt! Let me know what you think ok?

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