Cowl No. 2 – back to the drawing board

I have thoroughly enjoyed my River Rock cowl. It is soft, lightweight, and warm. It collapses comfortably when I wear it inside my jacket, and when I pull it over my nose it stays up by itself and does a good job protecting my face from the biting winter wind. The yarn is fluffy, although during the first few weeks of wear there were many stray threads (hairs?) that stuck to my lips and earmuffs. Yuck.
 When I first wrote about the River Rock cowl I mentioned that I also had yarn to make a blue cowl. It’s Araucania brand yarn, a wool, camel, and silk blend that I thought would brighten up my black down coat. It called for 4.5mm needles, but I used 4 mm needles to make the cowl more wind resistant.

The stripe pattern created by the yarn was a bit of a surprise. And the camera doesn't quite capture the teal and mauve in the yarn.

This is a pattern I “designed” myself, where I simply cast on 130 stitches (10 more than I used for the River Rock cowl due to the smaller needles), started and ended with 3 rows of k1 p1 ribbing, and used stockinette stitch for the part in between. I wore it with the purl side of the cowl showing because I really like interplay of the bumps and the changing colours.

Good ideas, however, do not necessarily translate into a good pattern. 1. this cowl is far too roomy, such that I have to hold it up to my face just like I would with a scarf. 2. the ribbing at the top and bottom cause the body of the cowl to bow away from me. 3. the cold seems to go right through it.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board. I’m going to rip it down and eventually start over with another design. You see, I haven’t chosen a new design yet, and there are only 5 more weeks of winter.


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