Dancing Shoo Flies I

It only took 8 months. Here, at last, is the quilt made with blocks contributed by the members of the  The Incredible Shrinking Quilters’ Bee. Lesly of Pickle Dish started this group at the end of 2009, and the first 11 people to sign up were in. For my month I chose the liberated shoo fly block from Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Quiltmaking (now out of print). What I really like about this pattern is its movement and its simplicity. 

Dancing Shoo Flies I

The fabric went out in mid March and by the end of May all the blocks were done. Luckily for me, some people made 2 blocks so I started with 15 and added my own once I decided on this layout.

The key thing I learned in making this quilt is what happens when you sew the binding to the front of the quilt before quilting it; the edges turn out rather wavy. It’s a long story… 

After sewing on the black border I added the narrow multi-coloured border next. I cut it narrow for two reasons. 1. because too much of the print would have been too busy for the quilt; and 2. it was difficult for the stripes to look straight the wider I cut it. So I added the thin border and looked around for the next one. But nothing looked good. The quilt decided it was finished after that narrow border.  While I considered quilting it before binding it, I was concerned the quilt would become sufficiently distorted that I wouldn’t be able to square it up. So I applied the binding hoping the quilt would keep its shape. 

Too bad I didn’t think to take off the narrow border and apply a wider one (then quilt the quilt and trim it to size. That’s my lesson learned.


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