First of many

Although this blog will mostly feature quilts, the most recent item I finished is a knitted cowl, so let’s start there. With the cold, blustery winters we have, I often find myself holding a scarf to my face to block the wind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a protective layer of natural fibres that can easily be fixed in place?

Some outerwear stores sell fleece tubes, called neck warmers or neck gaiters, that you pull over your head. Not only do these tend to be rather long and bunch up around the neck, they are also synthetic and lack style. So I decided to knit my own neck warmer using Cascade Eco Duo yarn made of 70% undyed baby alpaca and 30% undyed merino wool. Boy, is it soft! I can hardly wait to wear it.

River Rock Cowl using Casdcade Eco Duo

Believe it or not, this picture isn't in black and white. The cowl is shades of grey and it's sitting on an off-white chair.

The pattern is called River Rock Cowl by Elizabeth Carls, and you can buy a pdf of the pattern here. Although both the pattern and the yarn called for 6mm needles, I found the knitted fabric a little too loose for its intended purpose so I switched to 5mm round needle, 16″ long. With the needle change, I added 21 stitches and an extra 6 rows. There was yarn left over but I wasn’t sure there would be enough for the 6 rows of pattern repeat; something I now regret not having tried. The finished cowl is 7″ x 19.5″.

The next cowl on my list will be made of blue and aqua wool, to brighten up a black coat.


2 thoughts on “First of many

  1. Looks great! What a pretty shade of gray. The texture looks nice too! Congratulations on your first blog post – can’t wait to read them for months to come 🙂


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